April 17, 2013

The Team


Rick Stella – Managing Director

Rick has over 25 years experience in Project Management, Engineering Design Consultancy, Sales Management and Business Development. His skills are in Public Relations, Stakeholder Management, Business Analysis, Operational Efficiency and Strategic Planning.  Rick holds a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Hons) from James Cook University.

Christian Enry – Director, Coral Production and Research

Christian has extensive professional experience (over 10 years) in Commercial Marine Aquaculture.  His experience encompasses the design, management and operation of quarantine facilities (fresh and saltwater) as well as systems for vertebrate and invertebrate cultivation and propagation.  In addition Christian also has 3 years of Management experience in Business Development.  His skills are Marine Systems Design, Technical Skills (Marine Cultivation, Propagation), Project Management, Data Analysis, and Relationship Management.

Garrett Crabbe – Director, Business Development

Garrett has 10 years of experience in Telecommunications and Information Technology, Direct B2B Sales, Customer Relationship & Account Management, and Project Management.  His skills are Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing, Business, and Online Management.

Dr Sander Scheffers – Marine Ecology Research & Development

Sander is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Marine Ecology Research Centre at Southern Cross University (Australia), Associate Research Fellow at the Caribbean Research Institute for Marine Biodiversity (Curaçao) and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland (Australia).  His research focuses on Coral Reef Ecology, Coral Growth Rates, Climate Change and Reef Geomorphology.  8 Years from his PhD completion he has already published 6o articles in high ranking journals (including 2 books).  Sander is responsible for and conducts all R&D activities at Sustainable Reefs.