2nd Generation Fragging

Spring is the best time for coral growth in our tanks and that means it’s time to frag off some of our 2nd generation mother colonies again.  Our favourite Yellow Terra, Echinata and Staghorn coral were all ready to go.  We tipped off most of what we could and placed the mother colonies back in the grow tanks.  The results you can all see in the pictures in our new photo gallery “2nd Gen Frags“.  Also on show are our new custom made frag plugs.  Using our own proprietary mix of cement and plaster of paris products we now have a versatile plug that allows us to place coral frags into the mix as it is setting.  Much higher survival rates and very minimal frag fall off are the major benefits over our traditional pre-cast plug and glue method.  Early indications are that we also have faster growth rates over the substrate.