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Sustainable Reefs is a 100% Australian owned and operated marine aquaculture company specialising in the research and propogation of Great Barrier Reef marine coral. We are committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of the world's coral reef eco-systems.
Help us help the greatest living ecosystem in the world

Sustainable Reefs, together with our partners, have developed a sustainable approach to coral production for the world's coral reef re-plantation projects and demand from the thriving aquarium trade. This demand is having a massive effect on coral reef eco-systems with "take only" coral fisheries around the world and our aim is to address this situation. We bring the dream of ecologically sustainable marine coral into the home of every aquarium owner in the world. Join us in our commitment to ensure the long term sustainability of coral reef ecosystems around the world. Support us so our future generations can enjoy one of the world's most amazing, natural wonders.

  • We specialise in the propogation of marine coral species

  • We provde a range of wholesale coral

  • We build and maintain all types of saltwater marine systems

  • We provide Design and Consultancy services to the aquaculture and marine aquarium industries

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